“Search persistently, ask ceaselessly, knock patiently,
and continue until you reach your goal.”

The Philokalia
"Miracles don't
to some people,
they don't believe
they're possible.  
If they believed they
were possible, any
miraculous event
conceivable could
happen to them.  
Beliefs are
powerful things."
Bruce Moen
If your genitals are calling for your attention, the second chakra is the place in your body where the energy is blocked.
Examine your feelings about issues of male and female power, or the lack of it, in your life. Do you feel powerless to create what you want? After all, the sexual
organs are used to create pleasure as well as to create life. Problems in the legs and feet involve issues of perseverance through forward movement, and
difficulties in the arms and hands signify a lack of willingness to passionately embrace life and to actively create your desires.

The neck and throat involve issues of flexibility and self-expression. The brain is the focal point for beliefs about intelligence, the eyes about sight, and the ears
about hearing; the stomach is for assimilation, the intestines for accepting nourishment from life, and the bowels for releasing waste materials. Colds and flus
are associated with indecision, weight imbalance with unfulfilled desires, while cancer is triggered by hate, often selfhatred, and anger and rage from believing
you are less than who you are.

The liver is a detoxifying organ and if yours is not functioning properly, what contribution of toxic emotion is seething beneath the surface? Apply the meaning of
the function to your life - if you understand the working function of the afflicted area, then you can understand the issues you are resisting, blocking, and
stopping from finding healthy expression in your life.

Fear of letting go and releasing the past is an underlying cause of illness. Your emotional responses to what you believe has happened to you are at the core of
your beliefs. Scattered thoughts result from choosing fearful interpretations, which is a misuse and misunderstanding of energy, and is at the root of all illness.

To achieve a higher level of understanding, a new mindset must be consciously developed to override the messages of despair that signal the body to
malfunction. You must become focused to concentrate on replacing unproductive attitudes and changing your interpretations of your sensory impressions.

When the body exhibits a so-called symptom, there is always an underlying emotional component, and you must seek to eliminate the cause, not just eradicate
the symptom.

Connecting the dots between how you feel - about yourself, family, friends, and the world at large - and your body's physical functions provides an important key
for understanding how you use your energy. Whether you are attracting colds and flus, or are challenged with more severe systemic blockages such as cancer
and diabetes, or heart or organ failure, your emotions or how you feel are always involved. The message, or core purpose, of your body's condition is based on
a friendly, cooperative relationship between your mind, your feelings, and your cells.

Illness is a built-in service, a feeling-based feedback system activated by harmful input stemming from a personal misuse of energy. Certainly you have
wondered why some people get sick and others remain healthy, many unaffected by exposure to the same alleged contagion.

In order to understand your body's input, it is important to remember that the seven body chakras transduce energy into
your physical form. Look for the chakra closest to the area of your body giving you feedback, for that is the energy center that is directly affecting whatever
malfunction you are experiencing.

Look for the lesson in the issue, seek the positive purpose, and be honest with yoursel£ Offer thanks to your body for the input, for working with you and giving
you feedback in response to the signals you are sending. Make the intention to become aware of any strong feelings you have in relationship to the specific
area of your body calling for attention. What unexpressed emotions are stored there? A major part of self-healing involves visualization, practicing mind
influencing matter, and seeing the desired outcome. Thoughts must be focused and directed to produce creative endeavors and bring forth results.

Developing emotional intelligence is one of the keys for learning how to manage energy in 3-D reality. You must be willing to open your heart with the intention
of healing whatever it is that has hurt you. If you really want to know and understand what is activated in the deep recesses of your subconscious and
unconscious minds, you can access this information by creating a special healing journal and using it to safely record your inner feelings. Writing things out
can be very revealing, which in turn can be very healing. Before you start journaling, affirm your intentions, focus your attention, and then relax your tongue and
jaw, and breathe rhythmically for a few minutes. Picture golden spirals of energy circulating throughout your body as you breathe. Then, on the first page,
dedicate a letrer of introduction from you to your cosmic mind. Clearly set forth your intentions for a healing energy to come through your writings; ask for
assistance from your higher mind, and give thanks for all you will discover.

Intentions are processed in the cells at a subatomic level, where probable realities are selected and maintained. Writing occasionally with your non-dominant
hand can be a very effective method for tapping in to information below the beta-wave level of the conscious mind. Draw pictures if you like, or clip and paste
items of importance into your journal. Be creative and enjoy this exercise. Trust yourself to access information from deep within your psyche, refrain from
judgment, and do not be ashamed of what may come up. This is your private healing journal; your discoveries will be filled with flashes of memory that are
important benchmarks on your path of healing. Stay with your feelings as you weave your way through your revelations. Remind yourself that you are moving
through internal walls to create vibrant health by understanding and accepting yourself as the creator of your experience.

Illness and physical distress are also connected to stifled expression. Disease begins on an emotional level through unexpressed feelings that build in power,
creating internal storms, volcanoes, quakes, and floods that will eventually disrupt your life. Remember, your feelings stem from your beliefs; examine your
beliefs to identify the source material used for speaking your life into being. Look for feedback from your beliefs in day-to-day life. Reflect on how you feel about
your body as well as your family, friends, relationships, work, food, money, sex, and religion. To discover how you block out life-force energy, you must be willing
to acknowledge how you feel about any situation. Are you resisting or repressing, or not expressing and therefore suppressing, stuffing, and hiding deep
feelings of victimization, resentment, hatred, envy, jealousy, shame, anger, guilt, or worry? If you can name your so-called poison, give thanks. We are being a
bit facetious here; however, by naming your poison,you can catch yourself in the act of self-sabotage and change the program.
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. His
experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information.  
It shows that
genes and DNA do not control our biology: that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages
emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. That means that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.
THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D
From Louise Hauck.
"Beyond Boundaries.The Adventure of a Seer."

"Much that we respond to in our daily lives has little to do with what we understand on a conscious level. Our soul carries an accumulation of beliefs and emotions from
many lifetimes of adventures here on earth's physical playground, influencing what we refer to as our reality.

Just because all of those notions get stuffed into our suitcases for future excursions doesn't mean that they hold any truth. In fact, the lack of truth and light of these
leftover conclusions from these many incarnations keeps us coming back. We repeat the old themes like robots, mechanically responding to the misbeliefs that
eventually become patterns that control us.

These old patterns influence our relationships and our ability to make new choices, preventing us from succeeding in new ways. They also block the flow of creative
energy through which the God-force expresses itself. That divine energy cannot flow through one who is not wholly present. When we live on automatic pilot, reacting
reflexively within these old patterns, we are not present.

We perseverate as we are pulled back into this physical plane over and over, unconsciously repeating old patterns, reacting to the residue from all that we have
erroneously deduced from life-times of experiences.

The misbeliefs and negative emotions that we are afraid to confront get shoved into dark corners. Everything that accumulates in the dark corners of our consciousness
becomes the nature of our demons. The more we run from the demons, the bigger and more monstrous they get. The irony is that our avoidance keeps us from those
feelings and ends up controlling us, preventing us from living as free agents and as creators of our own reality. We drug ourselves, and fill empty spaces in our lives
with obsessive and compulsive behaviors, effectively numbing and suppressing the feelings from those dark comers. When seepage occurs, we feel twinges of
shame, guilt, betrayal, abandonment, unworthiness, and self-scorn.

We feel incredible fear that what lurks in the shadows will pounce out at us to consume and control us forever.
We overcompensate for qualities in ourselves which we fear, if discovered, will reveal us to be unworthy or unlovable. So we live defensively to cover all of our bases, to
appear to be okay, without error. We become compelled towards unattainable perfection.

Sometimes we give up trying to cover up and give in to negative beliefs about ourselves, dedicated to proving how unworthy and undeserving we are. I call it "perverted
joy" - living our entire lives creating situations which will validate those beliefs, so that on our deathbeds we can feel that we won, that we were right: "See? I never got
anything in life. See? I proved it. I'm not worthy."

Most people are completely unaware of why certain situations arise in their lives. There certainly must be more than meets the eye. We have the opportunity, in this
lifetime, to become conscious of these controlling patterns and to stop responding to them as automatons.

So it's important to ask to be shown that which you have denied or shoved into your dark comers. You won't have to view every scenario that ever grabbed you, but you
will be shown scenes that will symbolize basic themes that you're back to deal with and that you keep repeating. It's well worth the effort for such an attainable triumph,
to disengage and free yourself from the power of these old themes."

What sets alternative medicine apart from allopathic medicine?

Conventional medicine is preferred in the treatment of trauma and emergencies while alternative medicine excels in the treatment of chronic disease, although
homeopathy can also be very effective as a first-aid.

Conventional medicine focuses on the relief of symptoms and rarely places emphasis on prevention or the treatment of the cause of a disorder. All alternative
systems, on the other hand, strive to find and treat the cause of a disorder and frown on covering up the symptoms. Alternative therapies are also much more focused
on prevention.

Conventional medicine is organ specific, hence ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, etc. Alternative medicine, without exception, considers
each person as a unique individual and uses a holistic approach in treatment.

Conventional medicine believes in aggressive intervention to treat disease. It revels in terms such as "magic bullet" and "war" ("the war on cancer"), and prefers quick
fixes (as do many patients). Alternative medicine believes in gentle, long-term support to enable the body's own innate powers to do the healing.

Conventional medicine's main "arsenal" consists of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and powerful pharmaceutical drugs. Alternative medicine uses time-tested,
natural remedies and gentle, hands-on treatments.

Conventional medicine practitioners are guided in their treatment by strict rules set out by the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. This often leads to a "one size
fits all" approach. Practitioners of alternative medicine, on the other hand, treat each patient as an individual and do what, in their opinion, is best rather than what is
specified in a "rule book".

Conventional medicine sees the body as a mechanical system (the heart is a pump and the kidneys are a filter) and believes most disorders can be traced to
chemical imbalances and therefore are best treated with powerful chemicals (drugs). Alternative medicine systems, almost without exception, accept that the body is
suffused by a network of channels (meridians) that carry a subtle form of life energy. Imbalances or blockages of this energy are what lead to disease and clearing of
the blockages and strengthening of the energy is the ultimate goal of alternative medicine.

Conventional medicine prefers patients to be passive and accept their treatment without too many questions. Alternative medicine, in contrast, prefers and indeed, in
many cases, requires the patient to take a highly active part in both prevention and treatment.

Both conventional and alternative medicine ascribe to the principle "Do no harm". However, while alternative medicine is essentially achieving this goal, conventional
medicine seems to have almost totally lost sight of it. Hospitals are now the third largest killer in Australia and over one million people are seriously injured in
American hospitals every year. Blood infections acquired in American hospitals cause 62,000 fatalities every year and bypass surgery results in 25,000 strokes a
year. Two million patients experience adverse drug reactions in hospitals in the United States every year; of these, over 100,000 die making hospital-induced adverse
drug reactions the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke(5-11).

The practice of conventional medicine is intimately tied in with the whole medico-pharmaceutical-industrial complex whose first priority is to make a profit. Although
most conventional physicians have "healing the patient" as their first priority, they find it increasingly difficult to do so while operating within the system with its
pharmaceutical salesmen, its rule books, its fear of malpractice suits, its endless paperwork to satisfy bureaucrats and insurance companies, and its time
pressures. Most alternative medicine practitioners have no such constraints and pressures and can give the patient their undivided attention.

Conventional medicine generally resists the use of natural remedies long after their efficacy has been scientifically proven (Germany is an exception to this). Most
alternative medicine practitioners eagerly embrace new remedies and, in many cases, can point to years of safe use. Ginkgo biloba is now the most prescribed drug
in Germany and has been found effective in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease(12). Also in Germany the herb saw palmetto is now prescribed in 90
per cent of all cases of enlarged prostate; in the United States 300,000 prostate operations are performed each year to solve this problem. More profitable for sure,
but dangerous and unpleasant for the patient(13).

The major source of funds for medical research is pharmaceutical companies who, not surprisingly, are very reluctant to support investigations into lifestyle
modifications, vitamins, and other unpatentable products. Nevertheless, a growing number of medical researchers are focusing their attention on natural
supplements and remedies and are publishing their work in mainstream journals.
by Hans R. Larsen, MSc ChE
Excerpt from
by Barbara Marciniak

The underlying message behind any symptom can be clearly understood when associated with the function of the afflicted
Healing involves unblocking old pain. When your body is in discomfort or pain, note the specific area of distress, for the
location will be a key to where your emotional issues have established obstructions. The underlying message behind any
symptom of poor health can be clearly understood when associated with the practical and purposeful function of the
afflicted area. What feelings are registered there? Communicate with your pain, get in touch with it, and describe it. In order
to heal and be well, look to the part of the body in question and ask: "What is the message?" What actual function does that
area of the body perform? For there you have a great clue as to the nature of your dissatisfaction. You can breathe into the
area of your body that is sending signals- this focus will open up the area so you can have greater perceptual awareness
as to what is happening.