Many times after a session my clients would call me a healer, or say I have "healing hands".

I think of myself as a facilitator of healing - I hold space, tune in, feel and listen in presence, as fully as I can.

Healing can not be
done, but it can happen by the grace of Lord, or Spirit, or whatever name you have for that reality. Healing
"happens" on the unconscious - automatic - level of our nervous system. Together with a client, we create a container that invites and
facilitates healing process.

Once and again, I witness clients summoning the grace and the healing. Those who are ready to shift - shift.  
Are you ready?

Healing can be small - like getting rid of a particularly obsessive thought, a worry that weighs you down, a memory that haunts you.(the
memory will remain there in the mind, but the haunting would be gone). Healing could be physical - a deep tension gone and a
particular inner organ functions better.

Just today after a bodywork session a client said she was able to let go of three people who were holding her energetically. Is it big or
small? Small things add up, consume the life force, hold one down.

Healing could be huge - letting go of a deceased loved one, and moving on with your life; getting your life back after a traumatic
is huge. There was another session recently where the client came after months of caring for a cancer patient. She was
drained, exhausted, disoriented. After the session she was clear about
her needs, and how she can take care of herself now, to get her
strength back.
There are many things happen around healing:
alignment, integration, restoration of flow and

It involves many levels - physical, emotional, mental,
energetic, spiritual.

You can explore for yourself how thoughts influence
your emotional states. Emotions are tied into the
physical body through the biochemistry. Physical body in
a contracted state of tension changes your energy level.
And connection to spirit is a connection to your inner
truth, your purpose of living.
For me, what we humans call "life" consists of two opposite processes - a process of living and a process of dying. We exercise dying
when we are in negative space of resistance, disconnection, dissociation, suppression and such. As children, most of us get trained to do
those things well; we place our safety in the walled environment, protecting ourselves from things we can not control and handle.

Balance is important. How much safety one needs to feel safe to step out into unknown, to experiment, to create something new for
themselves? Only you can answer that question for yourself, from your own experience, there is no recipes. And as one changes, the
balance changes as well, so you have to rediscover it again.

Experience, mindfulness, awareness are the keys in that process.
..."I had angry dreams after our [Rosen Bodywork] session. Woke up feeling more alive [after feeling exhausted
for so long]. Had more energy. More aware of tension in mid back. Would like another session.  Would feel
useful! ..." -client