"Freedom is never  won. It is exercised.
Freedom is who you are."
Mark Krueger.
When perestroika came, old structures fell apart and new possibilities showed themselves.

I was always fascinated with Eastern philosophies and culture, and studied Indian Classical dance at the Indian Cultural Center in Moscow,
Russia, for 5 years. My first trip abroad after the fall of Iron Curtain was to Delhi, India. Eventually, I became a dance teacher, and a ceramicist.

One day in 1991 in Moscow  I got invited to a presentation of 4th Way group based in California. The man doing the presentation all by himself
had something about him, that made me want to learn what
he knew - to free myself from deep depression, to find balance and meaning of my
life. So, I joined the group.

Over the next 15 years I've been studying and practicing the 4th Way - Gurdjiev-Ouspensky system of "Man's Possible Evolution", travelling to
California and back to Moscow, going through intense and magical experiences. I survived, I grew, I experienced transformational "born again"
moments - I learned enough to leave the group and start yet another life here in California, with support of my sweet and wise husband, who I
met in the group.
I was born in Russia - Soviet Union then, - and raised in an
academic materialistic family. My father was involved in
nuclear physics studies, my mother was a biochemist.

I graduated from Moscow State University in 1986; where for
5 years I studied physics and chemistry, biology, history of
the Earth, geology and paleontology.

I was a trained paleontologist, disappointed with a
perspective to be used in the oil industry, helping dig deeper
into the mother earth; I started to study art and took courses
in theater, folk art, movement, dance, etc.
These were difficult times, as I knew nothing about "real" American way of life, being hidden in the closed community of spiritual seekers.

I started taking courses and meeting people outside the group.

I took a course in massage therapy and a course in Clinical Hypnotherapy (combined with Behavioral Therapy) from Jim DeJirolamo at
California Institute of Holistic Arts & Sciences in Sacramento, and a course with a local Shiatsu practitioner Horacio Roa.

I got certified as the
Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practitioner after attending Eric Pearl's seminars level 1, 2 & 3 in Los Angeles.

In 2008 I finished the Master Healer course with
Nani Matana, a powerful yet humble intuitive energy healer in Nevada City, CA.(now in
Mendocino, CA).

Somewhere along the way I got introduced to the
Core Inergetix system and got certified as a Biofeedback Bioresonance Technitian by
Association For Bioresonance and Biofeedback Practitioners (ABBP).

In spring of 2009 I started attending
Rosen Bodywork intensives with Marion Rosen at the Berkeley center; now in 2014 I'm an intern there.

It's been a long journey, and I discovered many beautiful healers, practitioners, teachings and teachers along my explorations of human
abilities to self-heal and move to new levels of growth and transformation.

Wilbur Hot Springs was a nourishing place for me to start my practice and further develop my abilities to help people with various problems.

Being in the East Bay with the variety of like-minded people all around I feel at home; my goal is to grow my practice here.

The journey continues; I feel extremely grateful for all support I get along the way, and for all magnificent magical moments I experience with
my husband, my friends, teachers, colleagues, clients and strangers.

Thank you all for sharing the gifts of your aliveness!

In light,

As my new life manifested
itself in the back woods of
rural Foothills with
chickens, goats, dogs, a
vegetable garden and
spirits of Old Indians
(American Indians this
time), it took a few years to
understand how to translate
my life changing
experiences into a service,
and a living, - the one that
will help me to realize a
deep need in being
involved in healing, in
transformation of limitations
and suffering into a new
qualities of well-being.