We live in times of rapid change.  Coping with the pressure presents a growing challenge for more and more people.  
The question is - where to look for guidance, support, inspiration?

When external and internal structures and points of reference crumble, we have a choice of either being dragged
down with those dysfunctional beliefs based on past experiences, or to seek those inner creative resources which
can inspire authentic and fruitful action.  In these times we need to connect with what’s most alive in us - our internal
truth.  This personal transformation can then resonate with the bigger changes that are occurring with and through a
lot of people (yes, you are not alone), which are looking for new expressions and venues.

Change is a common human need, as valid as a need for safety, connection, belonging, support, etc.  I feel honored
to do the work of facilitating positive changes for my clients, clearing the obstacles and blocks that hold them back.  To
facilitate the waking up of the natural healing power within, allowing deep mind – body – spirit balance and

My joy is to witness the transformation of pain and limitation into growth and freedom.
"I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The Astonishing Light
Of your own Being!"
Lena Jdanova CCHT, CBBt, CMT
Intuitive Healer
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Biofeedback Bioresonance Technician
Certified Massage Therapist
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Energy work and Intuitive Healing
During my studies and practices I discovered a gift of being able to perceive certain information about my client's condition
through my senses, and use this gift to facilitate healing on many levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Sometimes this information comes in as words, sometimes - as a picture or an illustration, other times as certain qualities
and/or feelings in the energy field of the client. I use this information to guide me through the session. When needed, I use
Reconnective Healing technique to aid the session. >>>> more on energy work

In my work I extensively use the following principle: every intelligent system has an ability to self-correct with a feed-back.
During the sessions this principle is used by creating biofeedback loops through movements, sounds, words, etc. I also use
a computer biofeedback program CoRe Inergetix.  
CoRe Inergetix is a valuable tool that helps pinpoint areas of focus, gives
important insights, supports the healing process, and has proven to be a powerful adjunct to my approach; enabling clients to
connect with their own well-being. >>>>
more info on CoRe Inergetix.

Distant Healing.
In some cases when a client is particularly sensitive to energetic shifts in their body, I'm able to perform healing at a distance,
sometimes while the client is on the phone with me. I can also use CoRe Inergetix for distant healing.

You can keep your issue confidential without telling me what it is, as long as you identified it for yourself and ready to leave it
behind; we still can work on an
anonymous issue successfully, through representation. Also, all information about clients
remain confidential.

Cancellation policy.
A 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling.
The full fee is charged for late cancellations and for missed appointments without notice.

I can not promise that my work will heal you or change your life circumstances.  I can only guarantee that you will be treated
with RESPECT, KINDNESS and COMPASSION and that I will work with you in any way that I can to HELP  and SUPPORT you
to solve your problems and bring closure or new beginnings into your life.

My services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

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(916) 441-1144c

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Testimonial:  "The session was cleansing, heart-warming and healing. I felt emotional release - the heaviness is gone.  
[Three weeks later] the experience is still lasting, I'm using suggested techniques to work through my energy blocks, to
restore the flow of energy in my body. It makes me happier and lighter. And now that the inner stress is let go, the
physical pain in my body is so much less!"   Terri, WHS

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About the therapy

I believe in the holistic approach to healing, which takes place on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
My work is complimentary to "traditional" Western medicine.

The following issues can be resolved and/or helped with the therapy.

  • Depression, moodiness, feelings of sadness, unexplained fatigue
  • Phobias and panic, fear, anger or guilt; nervous tension
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Shyness, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, loneliness & isolation
  • Coping with change (divorce, pregnancy, bankruptcy, aging, death, etc.)
  • Grief or emotional pain, old beliefs and painful memoriess
  • Problems related to past abuse or traumatic experiences (Note: healing occurs not when a particular traumatic
    event is re-lived, but when it is integrated differently in the psyche)
  • Chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tension; coping with  medical conditions
  • Spiritual longing and confusion
  • And more...

I customize the tools that I use depending on the person with whom I am working and their issues.
I use the following modalities and tools:
Emotional processing is a somatic experience of clearing blocks/obstacles in regards to a particular issue. Example of an
obstacle: your relationship revolves around a problem that always triggers anger in you. The subconscious mind is stuck in
this particular reaction that does not help building a healthier flow of interaction.
In an emotional processing session we identify the feeling that gets triggered, and help the subconscious mind to process
the "stuck" response and find a more practical and fruitful relationship with the situation.
This type of a session includes some movements, assisted movements, visualizations and re-framing (finding a
perspective that serves you better). In the session you give yourself time and space to address an issue thoroughly,
re-group your minds (emotional and somatic) in order to serve you better, integrating experience in a healthy way.
After such sessions clients report a sense of peace, focus, clarity, and a feeling of being in control. The bigger is the
frustration with the situation, the better these sessions work, usually.
"For a long time I have been meaning to write you about the emotional processing session we did...I wanted to let you
know that I did find the session useful. If you recall, I was struggling, and am still struggling, with making this decision
about reunion with my ex. I think that our session helped me to focus in on what the pain was about, what the blockage
was about that keeps me from wanting to jump right in (remember the image of the empty swimming pool?) There are
specific hurts, and fears, that keep me from being ready, a way I was treated by my ex that I want to avoid, and it was
useful though somewhat painful to be reminded of what that ball of fear is composed of. It was interesting to notice that
time went really quickly in the session, and also that I left not feeling "light and free" like I have after energy work sessions
with you. I felt kind of numb and bewildered. But later, I recognized the value of having confronted the fears and allowed
myself to treat them with respect."

When Carl Jung embarked on an
extended self-exploration he called
his “confrontation with the
unconscious,” the heart of it was The
Red Book, a large, illuminated
volume he created between 1914
and 1930. Here he developed his
principle theories—of the archetypes,
the collective unconscious, and the
process of individuation—that
transformed psychotherapy from a
practice concerned with treatment of
the sick into a means for higher
development of the personality.

It is an astonishing example of
calligraphy and art on a par with The
Book of Kells and the illuminated
manuscripts of William Blake.
With 212 color illustrations, this book
will make n amazing gift for life.
Hi Lena,
Thank you for session and for being open to the process and my experience.  Resting into the unfolding now....  here is what
I wrote last night that felt so true...
"Tonight I feel the animal of my self circling and looking for a dark quiet place to just lay down an die.  I have been feeding it
vitamins and making it get up and walk around, and shampooing its hair, when it really just wants to be left alone... not
fixed-- just allowed to rest, rest into this firery darkness.  I think this is all that has been wanted for so long.  Was just to stop
trying to get better, or get there-- but just to die.  I hope to honor its prayer.  I pray not to continue to meddle and prod and
encourage and shame not to keep on farming out salvation to a beautiful woman or perfect situation of some sort.  Just to
love this sweet creature circling, looking for a quiet place to rest.
I feel the freedom in letting humpty dumpty lie in pieces on the ground... telling all the kings men to fuck off"
Hypnotherapy / Guided Visualization / Psycho-Somatic work
I use  trance state to help clients to de-construct and clear obstacles to healing, on the subconscious (and sometimes
conscious) level.   During the session, clients remain fully aware of all that is occurring, actively participating in the process.
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My work is my own blend of Swedish massage, Rosen Method , Shiatsu,  structural alignment and integration.
I use touch, stretch and acupressure to receive and send information to the body/mind system of the client through my hands.  
Through the bodywork I access the nervous system, and erase the unnecessary residual information that stresses it. Tension
is replaced by stillness, which is a dynamic state of non-opposed motion. It brings awareness into the “here & now”, accepting
self as is. This moment of self-alignment initiates healing on many levels. >>>
More on bodywork
TESTIMONIAL:  interesting thing is how my hips and legs feel (after 2 sessions).  There seemed to be a subtle shift -- toward
balance.  My posturist is quite intense in his deep stretching of my legs and hips. .. whatever you did seems to have
complemented that body work in a very different way - as if different parts of my hips, thighs, knees, calves, feet are talking to
each other now.