From clients emails and notes:

Thank you for all the amazing work of the past year. It has been an incredible journey. Thank toy for the
healing, the relief from pain & stagnancy, going deep into entirely new place in my body. Thank you for
all the support. You are a very skilled healer and friend and I appreciate you so very much.

Feel like the session (yesterday) really was powerful.  Like we uncovered some core issues. Definitely
feel like I want to put some tools/ practices in place for acknowledging the lacks/blocks and being able
to work past them.
...that workshop you led on that (Wilbur) yoga deck effected me profoundly and I still use many of the
techniques in my ongoing meditation practice. Wilbur guest.

Hi Lena, I felt so restored after my massage and body work last month. Thank you;You are a healer!   
Nora, Berkeley
Thanks again for a great and insightful session.  I am still benefiting from it (a week after).
Beth, Berkeley
I certainly do notice something [after the session] - I am taking full breaths! My breath doesn't stop at a
certain point - it extends further and it's smoother, more relaxed... I feel other things but I don't have
the words for them yet. Thank you for a fantastic, generous session. I am looking forward to more of
them!  (Donata is raising her glass to you as she says this)...[A week later] I still marvel at how well I am
breathing. One example: I was jogging to and from a parking meter, feeding it coins every couple of
hours a few days ago and instead of not being able to catch my breath, I could breathe through the
exertion. I was breathing hard but before, I couldn't breathe and had to stop my activity to get a breath.
Also, something new is that a couple of days ago I remembered my dreams very well one night. I don't
[usually] get enough sleep time to allow a lot of dreaming. We made space to breathe and a little more
space to dream. The breathing helps with my new meditation practice too. Cool, huh?
Donata, Berkeley

I am doing pretty good. You've helped me so much.  I feel like I am handling life much better and try to
remember the exercises you've taught me, when I feel the negativity creeping in.  You certainly have a
gift and I love your kind, comforting, spirit.

Lena is a gifted healer. I feel resorted to well being after every session with her. Thank you Lena. DC
Oregon House.

Hi Lena,
Thanks so much for our session yesterday.  I can't explain it but I feel stronger in many ways today.  I
slept so soundly and had very vivid dreams.  So much happened during our session it was hard to
recite it all in that moment.  I had forgotten to mention that twice during the session I had huge release
of sadness.  My eyes were crying and I could feel it in my uterine area as well as my heart.  Thanks again
for your help in facilitating this energy and its healing. Ana, Berkeley
Dear Lena,
Remember what I said after the first session with you last November? I said: “Lena, it feels like you gave
me a new body; my energy is stronger and my inner state is peaceful and relaxed. I do feel more
present, more aware of myself and my surroundings”. I felt content and more complete. It seemed that I
had been fragmented before. Now I was back in one piece!

Needles to say that the pain I felt in my back and shoulders has been greatly reduced after a few visits. I
also noticed I’d been much less inclined to depression or anger.

If I had the means, I will get a massage with you more often, Lena.
Nevertheless, with every session you help me advance towards a better outer state and happier inner
state, balancing my body with my mind and emotions.

Thank you!

Warm regards,
Manuel N.  San Roman (OH, 1/12/2010)

Happy New Year! Let you magic hands get and give even more magic this year!"
1/6/10, Vital, Oregon House, CA


"Lena,... you may have helped him (son) more than he or you realize. And my sister and I are speaking
again - things are working out (after our session)."
Stella S., Yuba City, Christmas 2009.


"Lena is a wonderful massage therapist. She is highly intuitive and uses that intuition in knowing exactly
what your body needs in order to let go and completely relax. The most amazing thing is after the
massage, my body continued to relax and let go even the next day. She is truly gifted and you will get
more than an ordinary massage. Thanks!!!!
Lena, I have a feeling you are clairvoyant - you touch my body as if you "see" what is happening inside
and I get an insight and understanding of how it all works in me..."
11/15/09 Debra Pelton, L.A., CA (at Wilbur Hot Springs)


"It's amazing how much can be done with such a light touch! I feel very open and relaxed"
11.15.09 Paul, Wilbur Hot Springs


From: Kathy P.   Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 7:40 PM  To: 'Lena Jdanova'
Subject: RE: Treatment

Hi Lena – I'm doing really well.  I felt like a new person when I left on Friday. My range of motion is so
much better now!   This morning felt extremely well.  
I can still feel the areas are not 100%, but I'm able to function so much better now it is amazing.
I can not Thank You enough for your fabulous touch!  Kathy


Dear Lena,

I benefited greatly from your treatment.  The biggest thing I learned was that one can heal one's self, by
believing it and wishing it 100%.

What also helps is the image-reminders you suggested I choose to be more aware of bad habits
obstructing healing.  And when [during the session] I arrived at that place full of sorrow and when I  
accepted it  I could let go of it and be free.

You are a great healer.  A lot happened in that hour of treatment that will stay with me for a long, long

Thank you Lena
Be in touch

Roosje P., Oregon House, CA

I came to see Lena to get help with my stress and anxiety about lots of things that were going on in my
life. The session felt good, but I didn't realise how deep the effect was, until a couple of weeks later it
stroke me that my reactions to stressors have been completely different! I was travelling abroad and it
was going great: the flight, the crazy traffic, meeting the family... I could handle everything without fear
and anxiety! I was free to enjoy myself and this trip so much! And when I got back home and started my
work again, I found that the tensions and fears that made it so difficult in the past are gone, and I can
handle the tasks with much more ease. I'm ready for a new session and I'm signing up my husband for
one, too.

L.M., Grass Valley


Just after the New Year, when we had the big storms here in Sacramento, California, a hypnotherapy
with Lena gave me more freedom to choose.

I was trying to work on a habit of losing energy when I get home by falling into the usual patterns.  I
wanted to allow myself more space and time for creativity.  It was not a huge problem, but chronic
enough that I was trying to find new and more creative ways to remedy it.  Rather than experiencing
being hypnotized as the romanticized zombie-like mesmerization that we hold in our imagination due to
the movies and other media,  the process and results with Lena impressed me enough to take the time
to write this testimony, realizing that Lena seems to have a special gift with this skill.  

During our session, I did not lose awareness of myself, and Lena never actively "programmed" me.
Rather, she helped me heighten my self-awareness even during the session itself, and reduced the
usual bodily and mental attitudes that were keeping me locked in habitual ways of acting and thinking.  
This state of, on the one-hand:  balanced relaxation, and on the other hand: distinct self-awareness, was
coupled with a sort of placing of a reminder, like an invisible "Post-It" note, somewhere in the back of
my mind that let me be more aware of my freedom to choose whenever I came in the front door of our
house.  I have noticed I have also been able to transfer this mental attitude, one of freedom, to other
touchstones during the day.

Now when I come in the door of our house I am able to better break away from the usual rituals that
befell me whenever I arrived home without forgetting the need to take care of them, and still getting
them done, but not with the former loss of energy and inability to also work on other more significant
and more creative personal projects.

I also am experiencing more freedom in general and more spontaneous ability to control other habits,
like eating junk food, just by having this sort of "Post-It" stuck to the "refrigerator" of my "spiritual
kitchen," i.e., a gentle reminder in the back of my mind of what is available to me, and more of an ability
to choose what I want.

It also somehow has reduced a pattern of stress related to the former habit's grip on my mind.  

I am thankful that Lena took the time to give me a boost with her personal touch.

Pamela Anne L., Sacramento, CA


My first session with Lena was transformative! She’s a great listener, very intuitive, and  has a myriad of
tools at her disposal. She shared insights and made suggestions which were perfect for me at this
moment in time and I left her office feeling more self-love, more empowerment and a deeper connection
to my core  than ever before! I look forward to spending more time with her!  
Nancy, Nevada City.

Dear Lena,
Thank you. You gave me some valuable insight yesterday. Life is a miracle isn't it?!
C., Oregon House.

Thank you so much for this. The change has been dramatic and significant. She (daughter) said, "it's
what you've been telling me, but she said it in a way I could understand". She was so relaxed yesterday,
with her arm draped over the couch. I am so grateful. She has been present and very helpful around
here. I can see how much better she feels about herself.
I am beginning to understand that you are really a talented counselor...
N. B N., Nevada City

Lena, thank you for your lovely help and much kindness. We have both greatly benefited from your
healing treatments.  9/30/06.  L.+H. (mother and daughter).

Lena, Happy New Year! Thank you for the time you gave me. It was appreciated more than I can ever
communicate.  Every time I think about our meeting, a new insight or awareness is opened in me. With
warm thoughts, H. N. (Grass Valley, 1/5/07)